Kingdom By The Sea
Kingdom By The Sea
during the recording of Home is so Sad

Kingdom By The Sea

8. Home is so Sad 2.50
Lyrics: Philip Larkin
Music: Greg Ullyart
Produced: Kingdom By The Sea/John Spence
Recorded: Fairview Studios, 2 February 2010

At the time of recording all night north, Kingdom By The Sea was a new project from influential and much respected songwriter and musician Greg Ullyart (The City Ghosts and Crucibles), and Chris Hardy (formerly of Kill Surf City) collaborating with various musical friends, including, on this recording, Will Chalk (The Rocky Nest) on trumpet

Greg, Chris and Will are the musicians featured on this track, but the band’s subsequent line-up was Greg Ullyart (vocals/guitar/bass/ukulele), Chris Hardy (vocals/keys/guitar/ukulele), Hetty Ullyart (vocals/keys), and Tom Palmer (percussion). [Those of you paying attention will have noticed that Tom also plays drums for The Holy Orders on their all night north track.]