Kristian Eastwood
Kristian Eastwood
during the recording of At Grass

Kristian Eastwood

2. At Grass 4.00
Lyrics: Philip Larkin
Music: Kristian Eastwood
Produced: Kristian Eastwood/John Spence
Recorded: Fairview Studios, 22 February 2010

At the time of recording the all night north album, Kristian Eastwood was the lead singer and songwriter with JoKeRz, a powerful three-piece with a reputation for producing energetic, well-crafted pop/rock songs with all the power of a juggernaut and yet the controlled finesse of a Swiss watch. Formerly front man with MR MOJO, Kris formed JoKeRz in August 2006. The band released two albums: 3 of a Kind (2007) and Brainstorm (2009).

Influences range across the musical spectrum and include many of the great songwriters: Bruce Springsteen, The Sex Pistols, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles; but Kris has an equal passion (and talent) for swing music, and regularly performs solo covering the songs of such people as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Jamie Cullum.